Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Golden State Investigations was established to have the finest and most efficient investigative team in the United States. We specialize in fugitive recovery nationwide. Our highly trained investigative staff is competent, skilled, and effective.

Integrity Is Always Our Goal

Golden State investigative agents conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. They understand how to avoid the problems associated with improper entry, false arrest, excessive force and other lawsuit-generating procedures. We are available 24 hours a day to locate, arrest, and transport subjects to any destination.

We Promote The Increase Of The Market Share Of Surety Bail Bonds

Golden State Investigations promotes the increase of the market share of private surety bail bonds through the reduction of un-secured pre-trial release throughout the State of California. We represent the interests of the professional bail agents of California, and works to improve business conditions and promote professionalism and integrity throughout California’s bail industry

Quality Private Investigative Services

In 1872, the U.S. Supreme Court Case “Taylor vs. Taintor” gave bail enforcement agents nearly limitless power and authority when hunting down a subject. This means that a bounty hunter may enter their premise if needed to capture their wanted fugitive, whether it be on behalf of a financial institution, company or government authority. http://supreme.justia.com/us/83/366/case.htm